Sunday, 4 March 2018

In Print, March 2018 (and Progress)

I’m delighted to start off the month with my very first podcast! My fantasy short Devotions (first published in 2013 in the online mag Spirit & Spell) was picked up by Centropic Oracle and the podcast went live on March 2nd. Read by Charly Thomas, it’s a nice seven-minute listen. Interestingly, though I did not specifically describe the first-person narrative character, CO has interpreted the protagonist as female, while it has always been male in my own mind, and indeed was illustrated male for S&S.

Listen to the podcast right here.

Also going live is the promotional blog at Flame Tree Publishing for their next pair of anthologies going on release, and I scored a placement with Endless Apocalypse for my SF short Flight of the Storm God, one of my “Post-Habitable Earth” stories. The blog showcases author Q&As, and you can catch my commentaries on this and the next instalment with regard to my piece.

A rather special accolade came my way recently, as my story Hostile Intent, which appeared in Compelling Science Fiction #10, has received a first-round nomination for this year's Hugo Awards in the Best Novelette category. Of course, this means very little, as those which become official nominees are the five stories in each category which garner the most overall votes, and it's doubtful the story will have enough exposure to draw that kind of attention. There again, if anyone reading this is a member of the World Science Fiction Society and eligible to vote, you know which story I hope you'll vote for!


The second round promo blog for Endless Apocalypse went live on 8/3/18, you can read it here.

And on the same day I picked up my seventh simultaneous shortlisting (a new personal best), my historic-horror tale "The Moth and the Candle" has passed first readers at the anthology Dies Infaustus.

On March 14th an eighth short-listing came up; this time my "Middle Stars" piece "The Dreaming Giants" is currently held for further consideration at Aurealis. Definitely a new record!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

Monday, 19 February 2018

Further Progress

Since my last post I’ve had a run of success (droughts and monsoons seem to go in cycles…) and I have some new placements to record here.

Lovecraftiana have taken another story from me, Arcanum Miskatonica, for the Walpurgisnacht, 2018 edition. This is a modern day story which sees the shadow of terrible things stir in the ivy cloisters of a certain New England university.

The political anthology After the Orange has accepted my dystopian piece Hellrider, which looks at the horrors of facist America in the decades ahead.

Also on the future political theme, my SF vengeance piece Hunters in the Maze was picked up for the anthology Unrealpolitik, from Jay Henge – my third piece with them.

And finally, my “Middle Stars” piece On the Shoulder of a God placed today with Selene Quarterly, sister publication to Helios Quarterly in which I was featured early last year.

Eight days remain in the month – I wonder if a fifth placement might come along? If so, it would be a new personal best!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Lost in the Rush

Talk about missing one completely – here’s the anthology Sword and Planet, from Rogue Planet Press, published March 6th last year! My story By the Moons of Grolph is featured, a fantasy/SF mash-up establishing a world I’d love to return to at some point.

All told I now have five placements with Horrified Press/Rogue Planet, and I should think there’ll be others in due course.


Mike Adamson

PS: I passed 800 submissions yesterday!

Friday, 2 February 2018

In Print, February 2018 (and Progress)

Kicking off February in style with two publications – first out of the gate is the Candlemas 2018 edition of Lovecraftiana, featuring my story Monarch of the Shadows, an eerie tale of subterranean mystery. This is my third appearance in the magazine, which is just completing its second year. Here’s the Lulu POD order link.

Next up, releasing later in the month, catch my story One Shot Kill in the brand new 2018 volume of Spring Into SciFi – sales link when available.

Also releasing on Amazon and Create Space is Mind Candy Vol.1, featuring my SF short Existential Bliss. Word is there'll be a new cover design coming along, so the initial release becomes a collector's item!

In other news, the problem with my story Stalking Nemesis is all squared away – just an oversight – and it’ll be in the May 2018 edition of Bloodbond. Links when it’s released!

Also, my long-outstanding submission to Spark has been confirmed as still in the works/short-listed, so fingers crossed there. I have my first podcast coming shortly from Centropic Oracle; you’ll be able to catch my short fantasy Devotions performed online from March 2nd 2018.

I should pass my 800th submission this month, and am currently in a dry spell between acceptances – looking for it to turn around soon!


Mike Adamson

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Taking Stock at the Two Year Milestone

January 7th, on the Australian side of the dateline, is the anniversary of my beginning my campaign of submission to the short fiction market, and it’s an interesting exercise to compare figures with the first year.

After 730 days I have made a total of 750 submissions, 449 in the second year. I have a total of 41 placements, 32 falling in the second year. Currently I have 76 stories on submission, my record being 81. I have 633 rejections (392 in the last year), therefore my ratio of rejections to acceptances is running at 15.44:1 across the board, or a 6.47% acceptance factor from the beginning. For year two alone, the ratio is 12.25:1 or 8.16%. Both of these figures are way up from data one year ago (3.73%).

Averages can be misleading, but are interesting to consider. Average time between acceptances in the first year was 40.5 days. Given that there was only one acceptance in the first eight months of effort, you can see how meaningless this figure really is; in the last four months of the year, considered separately, it drops to 15.25. In the second year it ran at 11.4 days per acceptance, while both years taken together return a value of 18.8. That long dead spell in year one constantly skews the data. In absolute figures, during this last year time has varied between a maximum of 38 days to a minimum of less than one day.
I have scored four Honourable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest before becoming ineligible by qualifying as a professional – I now have seven placements paying US 6c/word or better.

Productivity has risen in some ways at a corresponding rate, while falling in others. In calendar year 2017 I completed 62 stories, ten more than the previous year, for a total annual word count of 247, 782 words (49, 999 words less than in 2016). I currently have 147 stories registered at The Submission Grinder.

As with last year, I can say the future holds a lot more of the same, maintaining pressure in every possible way, perhaps including some screen writing work, journalism and other areas, plus developing my presence with a number of titles – I have appeared twice with Flame Tree Publishing, twice with Compelling Science Fiction, twice with Phantaxis, and three times with Lovecraftiana, and improving on those numbers would be an excellent goal. I have penetrated the pro end of the market more successfully than I dared hope a year ago, and the third year will be an intensification of every aspect. There are times this is a seven-day-a-week job. My one thousandth submission will occur later this year, a milestone in its own right.

Stay tuned for developments!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

Friday, 5 January 2018

In Print, January 2018 (and Progress)

Here’s one that’s been in the works a long time. I placed my SF short Critical Need with the UK magazine Kzine on October 20th 2016 – it was my fourth sale. They said at the time it was a long lead-time situation, but that was fine, and here it is at last, in their twentieth edition, releasing on January 27th for Kindle and POD.

Will update with direct links when the issue comes available.

Also, my SF short "Colour Therapy" has been shortlisted with NewMyths -- I should know in the months ahead if I have a placement.

A further update: my "Middle Stars" story The One that is All has been accepted by Outposts of Beyond for their July edition – links when they come available!

And my "Middle Stars" piece "The Lost Empire" has passed third-readers at Andromeda Spaceways and entered the short-list pile – again, news in the proverbial couple of months.

Updating with the latest: my horror piece "If Thine Eye Offend Thee" is shortlisted with Binge Watching Cure: Horror Edition, and two of my "Middle Stars" stories have found homes: One Shot Kill has placed with the anthology series Spring Into SciFi 2018, while The Mnemosynian Trap has been picked up by the Aussie magazine Alien Dimensions.

Cheers, Mike Adamson

Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Nice Start to the Year

January 1st, staring a whole new calendar year, and it’s seven days until I hit the two year milestone for this writing enterprise. What better way to kick off the New Year than a nice pro placement?

I’ve been angling for a slot with Daily SF, one of the well-respected professional markets, for a long time, and I’m delighted to say they’ve picked up a flash piece I wrote just recently, Revelations. Not sure when it’ll be scheduled, there are some formalities to square away as always, but I couldn’t be happier – here’s a market I’ve long had great respect for, and I’ll be featuring in their listings in the not too distant future.

Access info when it becomes available!

Cheers, Mike